IndiFit is a new platform that empowers fitness instructors & trainers to easily host their own outdoor fitness classes. Fitness participants of all levels and backgrounds can seamlessly browse and book classes.

We believe that instructors are the heart of the fitness community. After a long few months of adapting to tremendous change in the world, we celebrate their entrepreneurship and seek to create new ways for them to connect with clients and earn.

We are on a mission to support all members of the fitness community in the pursuit of their unique goals. Whether it be helping someone find the right fitness class to inspire and push them further or helping an instructor increase their earning potential with a new side hustle, we built IndiFit to empower the fitness community that we love.
We’ll see you outside.

-The IndiFit Team

Get in touch: [email protected]

Booking your class

  1. Sign in and request to book your class.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with class details.
  3. Receive a reminder text before your class starts.

Attending your class

  1. Find the specific meeting point for your class on the listing page.
  2. Keep an eye on your Indifit Inbox and phone in case there are any instructor updates.
  3. Have a great class and leave your favorite instructors great reviews!

Staying up-to-date

Visit your instructor’s profile and select “follow” to receive notifications when they list classes near you.

Listing your class

  1. Select "Host A Class" and follow prompts to submit your class for approval.

Managing your class

  1. Schedule a brief onboarding call with a member of the Indifit team prior to your first class.
  2. Share your profile page to increase class sign ups!

Getting Paid

You will receive your funds on a rolling 2-day basis directly to your bank on file.